‘It’ll cause you sleep’, said the doctor. Whatever it causes I’ve to take it. ‘Avoid doctors’; it was my mind told me this earlier again and again. But the condition was getting bad to worse. At last I had to go the doctor. ‘Take the medicine early in the evening so that you can rise early in the morning that you need to.’ Alright doctor, I’ll do that.

The following day it was very hard to leave the bed early in the morning. On the way to office I was almost in the sleeping condition. Serious drowsiness acquired me all the day long. Actually I was half conscious on that day. The next day I didn’t take that medicine again although it was a breach of doctor’s direction.

The winter is taking its last bite. Trees are preparing inside to shoot new branches as well as leaves. Nature will show up its beauties when spring will come. Here I’m waiting for the new days too. 

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