Sep 11, 2009

How to be fit

Being mentally fit is necessary to be healthy. Sages say one can’t be happy without having good mental health. Doctors also say that. Think yourself, if you feel mentally uneasy what do you feel about everything? Nothing attracts you. Psychiatrists say it depends on mind to be happy or unhappy. They have taught many ways how to be mentally healthy. But one should not think that without keeping body fit can go mere keeping mind fit. Both are related one another.

Increase friends
Many do not like friends. But friendship is very important for a man. To keeping mental good health it is needed to have some friends. This is not for sharing own opinion with others but to justify own opinions it is necessary to have a certain amount of friends. Those who live alone do not know other’s opinion to share. As a result, one becomes stubborn and autocratic minded.

If you have friends you can broaden your friend circle by them. In this way you can be acquainted with thousands others. Thinking power of you increases. You can understand how to live with people in harmony. You become a true social element. You learn to give importance to other people’s opinion, justify and find out own faults- thus you build up yourself as an ideal person.
Enjoy your loneliness

Friends are part and parcel of your life but when you face a problem you must think at first alone. You must have friends but not you should let them acquire all your time. Keep some time special for your own. Think anything you like to think at that time. You can do this when you are on the way to somewhere.

Or you can have meditation. Close the door. Keep out anything for a while which can disturb you. Close your eyes. Think a child face, a blooming flower or an isolated place by the side of a lake, river or a hill. Take breath full and discharge slowly.

Keep yourself fit

It doesn’t mean that be an athlete. Just keep your fitness to live well and to be healthy. For this you don’t need to run and jog all day. Least walking and movements are enough. Give up idleness. Avoid lift in nearest floors.
Stay in joy

Problems and hazards must come. Take it easy is first step to solve it. Take the little hazards as part of your life. Try to be cheerful. May be you are very busy, watching TV or going to theatre will not harm your work. Rather it will increase your attentiveness in work. Any work that refresh you try to do that repeatedly.

Aim your goal

What is the meaning of your life? Just think it. If you are aimless this is not life. So, list your next work schedules. Try to fulfill little aims. These will make your living happy. Life will be beautiful.

Be aware of dangers

It is not expected that life will go smoothly all time. Think before which and which danger may disturb you. Don’t pack up your work thinking of problem. Just be cautious about your coming hazards although most of dangers come silently. So, be prepared mentally for a danger so that you can cope with that confidently.

Let others criticize you

We can make a blunder anytime. Often we can not find out own faults. Discuss with others about your works. Let them talk about. Their constructive criticism will drive you to solve a complicated problem. See yourself with the eyes of others. Try to know their opinion about yourself. You will see your life how enjoyable is.
Take a risk

Sometimes in life you should take a risk. In business profit may come or not. But you should take the risk of business. Those who are mentally weak fear to take a risk. So, to drive away fear from mind you should take small risks. To face awkward situation in life it needs to be courageous at first then it needs your tactics to overcome the bad situation.

Share your success

When you become a success in a work share it with others. Let them know. Phone a friend or send sms. Invite them to have a cup of tea. They will know you more closely. You will have your confidence strong. Women are serious in this matter. They share with others about their success or good works. It keeps them confident.

Do not hide your sickness.

Some people think that if he goes to a doctor the doctor will take him very seriously when he has no serious problem. This thinking makes him weak mentally. On the other hand, some think that small diseases are nothing. This is also bad. Small illness may cause serious illness. So, don’t be idle to visit your doctor.
Write down your thoughts

It needs not to write down all your thoughts. Firstly write down negative ones you think very often. It may be thinking of death or ghosts.

Then write down your positive thoughts. Try to concentrate on positive ones and avoid negatives one by one. Once you will be only a person of positive thinking.

Try to avoid machines

To err is human. In the morning you may leave home without handset. Don’t be angry on yourself for this. Spoiling whole day for this makes no sense. Your own TV or computer may crack. Don’t be disappointed. This is very normal. Actually people of this modern age can’t live without machines. One feels helpless without machines. Lessen this dependency. Mix more with others. Share your happiness and grievances with them. Human is human not machine.