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Aug 29, 2016

Quit Smoking

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May 9, 2015

Constipation Problem

Chronic constipation may drive you nuts

Sometimes constipation makes life hell. When you are not having your bowel movements regularly this is called constipation. One or two times daily are alright but one time in a week is marked as constipation. Not all people suffer from this hazardous symptom. Those who suffer know how painful and tension growing is this. There are many reasons behind this health hazard. One is obviously not taking foods containing enough fibers. Insufficient liquid such as water intake is another cause of this problem. So, generally including fiber rich food and enough water in daily diet will be helpful to drive away constipation. Some medications may cause constipation too. We take medicines for our various health problems. Whatever might be the cause, take it easy. Don’t be panicked or frustrated. This problem can be handled effectively with a proper balanced diet.


Constipation complications

When it happens, Stool gets hard long tailed and largely rounded with which normally can’t pass through the anal. It takes extra pressure from the colon. Sometimes it is really difficult to pass through the stool. It may cause anal fissure. Fresh blood is dropped from this fissure after hard bowel movement. When constipation gets chronic it becomes nightmare for some people. Another frustrating thing is happened for some people when they discharge prostate fluids due to constipation. Milky prostate fluid is responsible for making sperm in male’s body. Chronic constipation may cause hemorrhoids, piles, cancer in the colon, mental disorders, prolapse and many other difficulties.


What are the remedies

Well, there are so many remedies for this health problem. You may take chemical laxative medicines regularly but natural remedy is the best Medicare. Long time use of any pill or capsule type laxative is not good for health as they affect your kidneys and liver. First of all, avoid over processed foods such as foods which come in plastic bags, canned and food in container. Avoid foods that contain colors (Do we need to consume colors in food?), dyes, preservatives, fats, artificial flavors and chemicals. Avoid all type of fried foods. Eat vegetables and fruits everyday. Eating apples, guava, bananas and grapes everyday is nice. Drink 10 glasses of water per day. Take exercise everyday at least walk 20 minutes everyday. Exercises keep blood circulations constant which makes internal organs healthy and active.
Take foods which act as natural laxatives. Olive oil acts as a natural laxative. 1 tablespoon olive oil is enough for a day. Natural laxatives are many but taking them on regular basis is hazardous. One easy and extremely effective laxative is psyllium husks. It is also called ispaghula or isabgol. This is soluble in water but indigestible in human body. Be sure you drink enough water with this husk. It soaks water up, so don’t take it without mixing with water. My recommendation is, take a glass of milk, give three teaspoonful of psyllium husk and one teaspoon of honey into it, after well mixing drink it up. Be habituated with this two times daily- after breakfast and after supper. It will bring wonderful result for you. After breakfast you may have it with only water. This will help you with regular bowel movements and loose stool. This is guaranteed by this garbage writer.
Medical studies show it that psyllium is helpful in controlling constipation, diarrhea, high cholesterol, colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and so on.

May 7, 2014

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Feb 3, 2013

An uncanny day

‘It’ll cause you sleep’, said the doctor. Whatever it causes I’ve to take it. ‘Avoid doctors’; it was my mind told me this earlier again and again. But the condition was getting bad to worse. At last I had to go the doctor. ‘Take the medicine early in the evening so that you can rise early in the morning that you need to.’ Alright doctor, I’ll do that.

The following day it was very hard to leave the bed early in the morning. On the way to office I was almost in the sleeping condition. Serious drowsiness acquired me all the day long. Actually I was half conscious on that day. The next day I didn’t take that medicine again although it was a breach of doctor’s direction.

The winter is taking its last bite. Trees are preparing inside to shoot new branches as well as leaves. Nature will show up its beauties when spring will come. Here I’m waiting for the new days too. 

Jan 4, 2012

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Jun 5, 2011

No More: Quit Smoking Today

On 31 may 2011 the world has observed the world no tobacco day. World health organization WHO has told this that 6 million people will die this year due tobacco uses. This figure will increase up to 8 million by the year of 2030. World second cause of death is tobacco uses. Tobacco is responsible for killing one in every ten adult people globally. From 1987 the world is observing the world no tobacco day to send the message to the world population that how dangerous the tobacco is.

Some fatal diseases caused by tobacco uses

Heart diseases especially coronary heart diseases are caused by excessive smoking. Tobacco may cause cancer in lungs, throat, mouth, lips, tongue and intestinal areas. Tobacco toxins can cause heart attack and brain hemorrhage. 25 fatal diseases are caused by 4,000 tobacco chemicals including nicotine. Buerger's disease is another fatal disease caused by smoking. In many cases smoker’s kidneys can’t discharge the wastes of tobacco and those wastes are stored in the distant parts of the body like legs. It causes inflammation and reduces blood circulation in those areas. Continuing smoking in this situation may cause gangrene and ultimately it leads to death or losing legs.

Besides these, smoking may cause miscarriage to a woman and giving birth to a baby with lesser weight, dull headed and handicapped. Smoking causes gastric, asthma, high blood pressure, and chronic bronchitis in both genders and other various complicacies in the human body. It acts like a slow poison in human body. Nicotine of tobacco which is considered a powerful poison reduces sexual ability both in men and women. Smoking causes imbalance of palpitation and nervousness. One cigarette reduces 6 minutes of life length. If 1mg. nicotine is taken in an injection form it can kill a person more instantaneously than cyanide. Smoking is highly risky for the patients of diabetes and high blood pressure. In one sentence, tobacco is injurious to top to bottom of a human body.

Forms of using tobacco

People use tobacco in various forms such as chewing, smoking and sniffing. Chewing tobacco contains 28 cancer causing ingredients such as nitrosamines, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, hydrazine, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, benzopyrene and polonium. People of Indian sub continent chew tobacco with betel paan. A good number of American people use chewable smokeless tobacco. Smoking is noticeable all over the world. Once, Indian sub continent people were used to use ‘Hookah’ for smoking. Cigarettes and Bidis have replaced those now.

Smokers in the world

Killing people by tobacco has now become an epidemic form which is quite preventable. WHO has revealed the statistics that more than two thirds of the world smokers live in just ten countries.
1. China
2. India
3. Indonesia
4. Russia
5. USA
6. Japan
7. Brazil
8. Germany
9. Bangladesh
10. Turkey

25 per cent of Chinese are smokers. It is one third of the world smokers. 60 per cent Russian people as well 30 per cent women are smokers. Unlike western countries smoking in India is on the rise. 30 per cent to 40 per cent of Balkans people are smokers. In England the percentage is 28. In the United States tobacco uses are lessening. President Obama has recently given up smoking.

Passive smoking

Second hand smoking is called passive smoking. Passive smoking is all the same like active smoking. Breathing smokers’ smoke is enough for health hazards suffer active smokers. Children are badly affected by this type of smoking.

How to quit smoking

My mathematics teacher couldn’t do any difficult sum without smoking first. He believed that smoking is the food for brain. Most smokers are not mathematicians. I’ve seen many people want to give up smoking but can’t do that in any way. Some people say that I’ll quit it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Some I’ve seen told it that he had given up smoking but in no times they were seen to smoke. So, it is hard quitting smoking. I’ve done it successfully in my life. I don’t believe in reducing numbers in quitting this bad habit. Just follow my example. One day I decided to quit smoking from that day till now that is working. My religion played a great role in this occurrence. Every religion teaches good things. Smoking is poisonous. It kills the smokers and his family as well as other people around him. Should I buy poison with my money (hard earned or gotten by chance)? Never, never and never. I’ve seen a man chewing chocolates almost all the time. I asked the reason; he replied, “it helped me quitting smoking.” So, it’s a good idea. Whenever you get thirsty for a cigarette you enter a chocolate ball into your mouth. Carry on this for some days. Hope, you’ll not come back. Be realistic in spending your money whether it is hard earned by you or given by your parents.

May 27, 2011

CSS : Powerful Web Development Technology

World Wide Web www3 made it public in 1996. From then cascading style sheet (css) has made dynamic changes in html presentations. Time consuming and frustrating web site building became easier. You leave the structural elements and tags in your html file and styling directions in the css file. One css file can be used for multiple html pages at a time speeding up web your development. With this technology web developers have good commands over their works although web developing is a tedious task. With css site updating and maintenance are much easier. Css based web pages load quickly. There are three css basics- selectors, properties and values. An example:
p {color: black; font-size: 100%; }
here the css rule is applied to the paragraph html element. Selector P is outside the curly brackets. After property declaration there is a colon and semi colon is used after values. Properties may be more than one. To show the styles your html file should be linked to css file putting the following code in the section of the html page.

Those who are willing to learn the css and those want to upgrade their existing skills to advanced level may contact me to have some css learning great e-books. Please just drop an email to mashrafis@yahoo.com

Mar 21, 2011

Why Pgrundy not in hubpages anymore

All on a sudden I’ve found that one of my favorite hubber pgrundy is not in hub society. How pitiful this is! I searched for her present activities on internet. I found her elsewhere but I noticed it that her activeness on net is very low. After some time I searched for some great hubs written by my another favorite hubber. But I found that those are pulled out. Where can find those beautiful write ups? This is alright that someone can leave hubpages with his/her all articles published in hubpages. But some hubs are really outstanding for many people for many years. If those are pulled out then it is disadvantageous for many because people come to hubpages for gathering knowledge and learning many things they don’t know or know little. Hubpages are really nice and I must say the writers here are also nice and versatile people. It someone goes, the whole community is stricken by that. The worst thing is losing the valuable hubs published in hubpages. I’ll request all the honorable hubbers not to leave hubpages and please don’t pull out your valuable write ups as well. Let people read them. Let people come again and again on hubpages. Thank you all.

Feb 19, 2010

Lose weight permanently

It needs time and efforts to lose weight permanently. You should have a promise as well as a lifestyle for lifelong. You should be sure that you want a change permanently. Nobody will lessen your weight. This is you who will do this for own interest. You have to obey some health rules and start some exercises. You should have to change some of your habits. You should keep it in your mind that any hazards will not affect your new lifestyle.

You should take the responsibility of your own matter. But you are not alone in your society. You should be encouraged by your nearest ones. Select a person who will value your thoughts and listen to you. He/she will accompany you in your time of exercise. He/she will appreciate your healthy lifestyle.

When you are preparing your new food habit and exercise routine then you should be realistic enough. To lose .5 kg weight in a week you should lessen calorie 500 to 1000 daily in diet plan and that will be possible taking low calorie food as well taking exercise at least 5 days a weak. Add enough vegetables, fruits and food containing fiber to your menu.

Mind it that only low calorie food cannot reduce your weight but you should be active all the time. If you walk 40 to 60 minutes 4 days a week you will lose doubly. Taking exercise to lose weight is to burn your calorie. Burning calories depends on your quantity of burnt calorie and how much time long you are taking exercises.

The easiest way to be a success in your efforts is- avoid lift, use staircase, avoid your car to go to nearby local markets and offices. Simply go on foot.

Sep 11, 2009

How to be fit

Being mentally fit is necessary to be healthy. Sages say one can’t be happy without having good mental health. Doctors also say that. Think yourself, if you feel mentally uneasy what do you feel about everything? Nothing attracts you. Psychiatrists say it depends on mind to be happy or unhappy. They have taught many ways how to be mentally healthy. But one should not think that without keeping body fit can go mere keeping mind fit. Both are related one another.

Increase friends
Many do not like friends. But friendship is very important for a man. To keeping mental good health it is needed to have some friends. This is not for sharing own opinion with others but to justify own opinions it is necessary to have a certain amount of friends. Those who live alone do not know other’s opinion to share. As a result, one becomes stubborn and autocratic minded.

If you have friends you can broaden your friend circle by them. In this way you can be acquainted with thousands others. Thinking power of you increases. You can understand how to live with people in harmony. You become a true social element. You learn to give importance to other people’s opinion, justify and find out own faults- thus you build up yourself as an ideal person.
Enjoy your loneliness

Friends are part and parcel of your life but when you face a problem you must think at first alone. You must have friends but not you should let them acquire all your time. Keep some time special for your own. Think anything you like to think at that time. You can do this when you are on the way to somewhere.

Or you can have meditation. Close the door. Keep out anything for a while which can disturb you. Close your eyes. Think a child face, a blooming flower or an isolated place by the side of a lake, river or a hill. Take breath full and discharge slowly.

Keep yourself fit

It doesn’t mean that be an athlete. Just keep your fitness to live well and to be healthy. For this you don’t need to run and jog all day. Least walking and movements are enough. Give up idleness. Avoid lift in nearest floors.
Stay in joy

Problems and hazards must come. Take it easy is first step to solve it. Take the little hazards as part of your life. Try to be cheerful. May be you are very busy, watching TV or going to theatre will not harm your work. Rather it will increase your attentiveness in work. Any work that refresh you try to do that repeatedly.

Aim your goal

What is the meaning of your life? Just think it. If you are aimless this is not life. So, list your next work schedules. Try to fulfill little aims. These will make your living happy. Life will be beautiful.

Be aware of dangers

It is not expected that life will go smoothly all time. Think before which and which danger may disturb you. Don’t pack up your work thinking of problem. Just be cautious about your coming hazards although most of dangers come silently. So, be prepared mentally for a danger so that you can cope with that confidently.

Let others criticize you

We can make a blunder anytime. Often we can not find out own faults. Discuss with others about your works. Let them talk about. Their constructive criticism will drive you to solve a complicated problem. See yourself with the eyes of others. Try to know their opinion about yourself. You will see your life how enjoyable is.
Take a risk

Sometimes in life you should take a risk. In business profit may come or not. But you should take the risk of business. Those who are mentally weak fear to take a risk. So, to drive away fear from mind you should take small risks. To face awkward situation in life it needs to be courageous at first then it needs your tactics to overcome the bad situation.

Share your success

When you become a success in a work share it with others. Let them know. Phone a friend or send sms. Invite them to have a cup of tea. They will know you more closely. You will have your confidence strong. Women are serious in this matter. They share with others about their success or good works. It keeps them confident.

Do not hide your sickness.

Some people think that if he goes to a doctor the doctor will take him very seriously when he has no serious problem. This thinking makes him weak mentally. On the other hand, some think that small diseases are nothing. This is also bad. Small illness may cause serious illness. So, don’t be idle to visit your doctor.
Write down your thoughts

It needs not to write down all your thoughts. Firstly write down negative ones you think very often. It may be thinking of death or ghosts.

Then write down your positive thoughts. Try to concentrate on positive ones and avoid negatives one by one. Once you will be only a person of positive thinking.

Try to avoid machines

To err is human. In the morning you may leave home without handset. Don’t be angry on yourself for this. Spoiling whole day for this makes no sense. Your own TV or computer may crack. Don’t be disappointed. This is very normal. Actually people of this modern age can’t live without machines. One feels helpless without machines. Lessen this dependency. Mix more with others. Share your happiness and grievances with them. Human is human not machine.

Aug 30, 2009

Working on Net

Earning online is suitable for those who are patient and hardworking. One should have patience to stick on one thing. If you want to be a success in earning from home, you must have the eagerness and ability to cope with the trends and diversities. There are so many fields to work on. Writing, programming, data entry, graphics, blogging, web developing, involving in outsourcing works, affiliating, paid surveys etc

One good thing is working as a freelancer. Freelance writing or programming are pretty much better than any other work. If you have expertise to work as a freelance programmer you have the opportunity to earn a lot at home. People are posting jobs everyday to outsource their work. Just go to those platforms where jobs are posted. Some of them will charge you money initially. Some of them are free. But when you win a bidding and finish the work you have to pay a percentage.

If you are not a skilled programmer but know html, php, asp, graphics, flash, javascript css then there are so many works. First time bid for projects just not to earn money. Try to deliver the best service to the buyer. If the likes your work , style, honesty and time sense then never the buyer will go to another in future. He will call you again and again. If you can build a good relationship with the buyers you will get works all the year round. If you need make a friends group to work united. You may build a site showing your profile and portfolio. Put some free tips there to let people know your knowledge.

There are so many outsourcing platforms for you. Do not register with all those. Just register with selected top listed ones. To win a bid it may take some time. But don’t be frustrated. Be confident. Step slowly but steadily. You will be a success.

To my experience rentacoder is the best outsourcing site wherefrom you can earn a lot of money. But be cautious of some buyer who can entrap you in work conditions. Never bid a project before reading bid posting clearly. Before accepting job be sure about buyer’s full requirements. Here the management always favors the buyers. After accepting a job one can cancel it within 24 hours. Although this is a rule of rac but you may be entrapped by a tricky buyer who can tempt you to grab a project but he had a condition in bid posting not to cancel after accepting the job. This type of buyers is very clever and unfortunately in this case rac overrules its own rule. This is my experience in rac which cost me my ratings. But overall rac is the best to my knowledge.

I must say about the second best which is odesk. You’ll feel a nice environment here. You can work here on hourly basis. Participate in some free test here to show your expertise. It may take some time to land a job here.

Top Outsourcing Sites

Sweet Rain

Everybody in their mind prayed for a heavy rainfall. God likes people pray to him. There were pieces of white heron feathers like clouds floating in the sky last few days. White was becoming black slowly. At last it came after a stormy wind. Dust came flying going into eyes. My home became filled with dust. The feeling was so nice to my daughter and me also. Cool air started to dominate the hot weather. It took some time the rain to be densely pouring. After some time it started to hail. My daughter amazed to see this because she hadn’t seen this before. She started to collect the ice pieces from our balcony. She kept those in a bowl. But when she saw them melting she became disappointed. Those who live under a tin roof did enjoy more that hailed raining.

My Mrs. Started to cook medley which is made by rice, lentils, oil, garlic, onion, chilly, spices etc. Stewed beef and fried hilsha also were served with the medley. We, Bengalis are used to eat this type of food in rainy days.

The rainy days lasted for 4 days. It left everything wet. Grasses and trees happily welcomed the rain. Roads turned into river. Cars on the roads were switched off here and there. I had to go to my office but my daughter stopped going to school. I encouraged her to study at home.

After four days consecutive rain it came the sunny days again. The sun was a little bit mild to shine because clouds were not fully clear. Rainy days came with all its cooling power. We knew that it would rain every now and then. Smiling trees and grasses were telling how happy they are to have the rainy season. People on this earth may have their days after a difficult time just like rainy days after a long lasted drought.

I must say that I’m a rain loving person. If I were there where it rains all the year round!
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