May 9, 2015

Constipation Problem

Chronic constipation may drive you nuts

Sometimes constipation makes life hell. When you are not having your bowel movements regularly this is called constipation. One or two times daily are alright but one time in a week is marked as constipation. Not all people suffer from this hazardous symptom. Those who suffer know how painful and tension growing is this. There are many reasons behind this health hazard. One is obviously not taking foods containing enough fibers. Insufficient liquid such as water intake is another cause of this problem. So, generally including fiber rich food and enough water in daily diet will be helpful to drive away constipation. Some medications may cause constipation too. We take medicines for our various health problems. Whatever might be the cause, take it easy. Don’t be panicked or frustrated. This problem can be handled effectively with a proper balanced diet.


Constipation complications

When it happens, Stool gets hard long tailed and largely rounded with which normally can’t pass through the anal. It takes extra pressure from the colon. Sometimes it is really difficult to pass through the stool. It may cause anal fissure. Fresh blood is dropped from this fissure after hard bowel movement. When constipation gets chronic it becomes nightmare for some people. Another frustrating thing is happened for some people when they discharge prostate fluids due to constipation. Milky prostate fluid is responsible for making sperm in male’s body. Chronic constipation may cause hemorrhoids, piles, cancer in the colon, mental disorders, prolapse and many other difficulties.


What are the remedies

Well, there are so many remedies for this health problem. You may take chemical laxative medicines regularly but natural remedy is the best Medicare. Long time use of any pill or capsule type laxative is not good for health as they affect your kidneys and liver. First of all, avoid over processed foods such as foods which come in plastic bags, canned and food in container. Avoid foods that contain colors (Do we need to consume colors in food?), dyes, preservatives, fats, artificial flavors and chemicals. Avoid all type of fried foods. Eat vegetables and fruits everyday. Eating apples, guava, bananas and grapes everyday is nice. Drink 10 glasses of water per day. Take exercise everyday at least walk 20 minutes everyday. Exercises keep blood circulations constant which makes internal organs healthy and active.
Take foods which act as natural laxatives. Olive oil acts as a natural laxative. 1 tablespoon olive oil is enough for a day. Natural laxatives are many but taking them on regular basis is hazardous. One easy and extremely effective laxative is psyllium husks. It is also called ispaghula or isabgol. This is soluble in water but indigestible in human body. Be sure you drink enough water with this husk. It soaks water up, so don’t take it without mixing with water. My recommendation is, take a glass of milk, give three teaspoonful of psyllium husk and one teaspoon of honey into it, after well mixing drink it up. Be habituated with this two times daily- after breakfast and after supper. It will bring wonderful result for you. After breakfast you may have it with only water. This will help you with regular bowel movements and loose stool. This is guaranteed by this garbage writer.
Medical studies show it that psyllium is helpful in controlling constipation, diarrhea, high cholesterol, colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and so on.